• Sun F Sport Tyre 235-30-14 Road Legal Quad Bike Tyres


    Sun F Sport Tyre (235/30-14) 

    The Sun F A039 ultra low profile road legal E marked quad tyre is designed to fit 14" quad rims which have a 30 profile tyre. This tyre offers an increased tread depth and wear rate compared to the standard tyres. The tread pattern also offers great comfort and grip in wet and dry road conditions on both asphalt and tarmac. This tyre comes in very rare sizes often found on many of the racing quads brought over from China and the Far East.

    Spy Racing Quad Bikes (250/350cc) 
    Jinling Quad Bikes (250/350cc) 
    Zhenhua Quad Bikes (250/350cc) 
    Haili Quad Bikes (250/350cc) 

    The listed price is only for per Tyre.