• Spy 350F1 Lithium-ion battery


    Fitment: Spy 350F1 Lithium-ion battery 

    Super Performance Lithium Ion Batteries
    The latest in motorcycle battery technology, Lithium Ion batteries are the lightest and most environmentally friendly options on the market.

    More than 65% weight saving of normal lead­acid type batteries, makes Lithium Ion batteries perfect for track and race bikes where weight reduction is an enhancement.

    Unique casing design with spacers for exact height adjustment, cases are same size as the original battery that is being replaced.

    Less volume and weight: 1/3 of equivalent model normal lead ­acid batteries.

    No pollution: contains no acid or heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury.

    Non-spilling: contains no acid.

    Super cranking power: greater cranking power (40CA+)

    Increased safety: ­ non­-polluting, non-explosive and non-combustable.

    Excellent cycle life: ­ 2000+ charging cycles.

    Please note: Lithium-ion batteries can be charged with conventional chargers but it is best to check that the charger is suitable for a lithium-ion battery. Some maintenance chargers have a recovery mode for sulphated lead acid batteries. These chargers should not be used with a lithium-ion battery as in recovery mode high voltage levels can damage them irreparably. If in doubt purchase a battery charger suitable for lithium-ion such as some of the examples below.